“I can honestly say that Raven and Red is my favorite band! Not only are they phenomenal musicians, but they are also genuine, charismatic artists who really connect with their audience. Their ability to master a wide variety of genres and musical styles enables them to perform songs that are enjoyable for every listener. Get their CDs now, because these kids are going places!”

– Bud Akins, President
Union County Historical Society

“Raven and Red has all the elements of professionalism with energetic instrumentalists, classically-trained lead vocals, beautifully tight harmonies, and top-quality fiddling!”

– Salem Beacon

“The first time I heard Raven and Red was almost by accident. They just happened to be in town for another engagement on Labor Day weekend, the time when we hold the Harvest Festival in Blairsville, GA. There was a sudden cancellation by one of the musical groups, and Raven and Red filled in. To put it lightly, they blew the crowd away. Evidently, word of their performance spread quickly because when they later did a concert at The Old Courthouse on the Square, they had a full house, and many had to be turned away. They are definitely one of the most talented, entertaining groups I’ve heard.”

– Sam Ensley, Director of Music
Union County Historical Society

“Raven and Red are very talented musicians. If you are looking for a group of fresh, energetic, and skilled performers, Raven and Red definitely fits the bill.”

– Branson Townsend, Special Projects Coordinator
City of Parsons


UCHS Open House 2014

UCHS Open House 2014