Raven and Red’s Equipment Picks
Brittany plays a Barry Dudley rosewood 5-string fiddle, made in Monroe, Georgia (no.75) and Robert Kain fiddles, made in Campbelltown, Pennsylvania.  She travels with her Blueridge BR-40TCE Tenor Acoustic-Electric Guitar.  Her mandolin is a Kentucky KM-675 F-Style. She also plays a banjolin from the 1800s.

Bow: M. Francisco
Strings: D’Addario Kaplan, Evah Pirazzi Gold and Thomastik Dominant, medium gauge
Rosin: Liebenzeller Gold I
Shoulder Rest: Bon Musica, Kuhn, Artino, Everest


Mitchell plays a C.F. Martin CSN (Crosby, Stills & Nash) Gerry Tolman Tribute Edition Dreadnought Guitar, serial number 1237354, made in Nazareth, PA in 2006.  He travels with a C.F. Martin Custom Jumbo Rosewood Performing Artist Acoustic-Electric Guitar, serial number 1802846, made in Nazareth, PA in 2014.  He also plays Taylor Acoustic-Electric 6-string and 12-string Guitars.

Picks: Dunlop Gator Grip 1.14mm flat picks, Red Bear flat picks, Dunlop Calico Large thumb picks
Strings: Martin Lifespan SP acoustic guitar strings, medium gauge (.013-.056)
Capos: Paige

Raven and Red uses Fishman LoudBox Mini Acoustic Instrument Amplifiers, AKG, Audix, and Heil microphones on stage through the Bose L1 Model II Portable System.

  • Larry Gowell says:

    I just wanted to shout out a hello from Maine. My good friend, Doug Royster and his friend Charlotte are your biggest fans. I wish all the success in the world in your careers. My Son went to UNC and his wife Graduated from UNC. Maybe someday we can meet up and do a trio together. I sing the American Songbook and right now I am into Elvis for the first time.

    • Mitchell Lane says:

      Hi Larry!

      Thank you so much. We love Doug and Charlotte! They have told us so much about you, and we also hope to one day meet up with you. UNC has a great system of universities. We are both alumni at UNC School of Arts, so we are very familiar with the American Songbook. We would love to hear you sing sometime, Elvis!

      Much success,
      Raven and Red

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