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Raven and Red is a Contemporary Folk-Americana group whose “tight harmonies, adept musicianship, and shifting genres will keep you engaged,” (Glide Magazine). The group is comprised of classically trained musicians from Georgia and Pennsylvania. Their 2018 album, We Rise Up, has been enthusiastically applauded as “one of the best debut country albums of the year,” “a perfect bridge between tradition and modernity,” and an “outstanding debut with razor-sharp and sometimes goosebumps-inducing singing.” We Rise Up was considered for 10 nominations in the 61st Grammy Awards and is currently receiving radio play in over 17 countries on four continents, including North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The title track, “We Rise Up,” charted #1 for 10 weeks on the Top 50 Contemporary Country Songs.

Raven and Red creates music “with heart, soul, abandon, and great care.” Their songwriting style “effortlessly nestles into the timeless tradition of the Trans-Atlantic folk idiom” and is influenced by artists across multiple genres, including Celtic, country, rock, classical, and American folk music. They aspire to reach audiences with “stories wrapped in beautiful, acoustic songs” and “the disarming honesty with which they bring their music” (Lust for Life Magazine). Raven and Red has been compared to such legendary artists as the Eagles, The Stone Poneys, The Byrds, Jim Croce, and John Denver.

In 2020, Raven and Red performed as the featured artist for the UMGF’s Martin Guitar Festival in Nazareth, PA. The group was a headliner for the 2018 Dailey & Vincent LandFest in the Mountains and has opened for Grammy Award-nominees Connie Smith and Dailey & Vincent, multi award-winning bluegrass groups Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out and The Claire Lynch Band, and Irish pop/Celtic rock band, Screaming Orphans. Raven and Red has performed regularly at the Hilton Nashville Downtown and can be seen on tour around the U.S. and Europe.

Notable Achievements:

  • We Rise Up was considered for 10 nominations in the 61st Grammy Awards, including Best Folk Album, Best American Roots Song/Performance, and Best New Artist.
  • We Rise Up was named Album of the Week and included in the Albums of the Year roundup by Rock Critic David McGee (former music editor of Rolling Stone and BarnesandNoble.com). Read his review here: Deep Roots Magazine
  • We Rise Up has been played on the radio in over 17 countries including the Netherlands, Ireland, France, United States, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, Scotland, Canada, Spain, Macedonia, and Japan.
  • The official music video “Moonshine and Makeup (One More Mistake)” was premiered and featured in the Top 10 Songs of the Week by The Alternate Root Magazine. Check it out here: The Alternate Root Magazine
  • Brum Radio in Birmingham, U.K., included “Another Empty Bottle” on their Best Tracks of 2018 playlist.
  • Germany’s NBT Music Radio named We Rise Up one of 2018’s Best New Albums.
  • Roots Music Report:
    • The title track, “We Rise Up,” charted #1 for 10 weeks on Roots Music Report’s Top 50 Contemporary Country Songs
    • We Rise Up debuted at #24 on the Top 50 Americana Country Albums
    • “Grandpa’s Beer” and “Left Me Again” have both charted multiple weeks in the Top 30 Americana Country Songs


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The News Leader: A Concert Review

Live Performance at The Hangar Performing Arts Center On July 13, 2019

“We were blown away by the talent of Raven and Red. When they do return, attendance should be standing room only. Their sets included a diverse range of songs that was sure to please everyone. What a great show!”  The News Leader, Parsons, TN (7/17/19)

Country Music People (U.K.)

“Raven and Red’s debut is a mature, well put together release. The songs, vocals, production and backing tracks are all of a high quality. Best of all, though, We Rise Up is a very entertaining start from a band in the folk-Americana area who may go far. The sales potential of this release is quite high as it has warm melodies and even a slight commercial edge and I hope to hear some more from the talented Raven and Red, sometime in the future.”  —Paul Riley (2/1/18)

Glide Magazine

“Their tight harmonies, adept musicianship, and shifting genres will keep you engaged. Stay tuned. The raw ingredients are in place and this is an auspicious beginning.”  Glide Magazine (2/2/18)

Maverick Magazine (U.K.)

“The band really shines when all three harmonise or when Mitchell takes center stage with his exceptionally clear and strong vocals. The album gets off to a crackling start with ‘Living and Loving You’, a great song about making difficult decisions when at the crossroads of life; an uncanny similarity to The Byrds on Sweetheart of the Rodeo. Repeated plays convinced me that Raven and Red should be destined for a secure future.”  —John Roffey (February/March ’18)

Country Jukebox (Germany)

“With admirable consistency and a distinctive mix of Americana, Folk, Bluegrass, Celtic, Country, Rock and Pop, the Nashville-based trio thrills fans and critics alike. Deeply rooted in folk music of the 70s, the three excellent musicians deliver both profound and intriguing anthems, creating a hypnotic effect that the listener can hardly escape. A perfect bridge between tradition and modernity, We Rise Up represents a starting point for Raven and Red’s future productions.”  —Max Achatz (Feb. ’18)

Klanderman Promotion (Netherlands)

What they do, in addition to a handful of beautiful songs, rises above the mediocrity of Nashville with razor-sharp and sometimes goosebumps-inducing singing. Even the Eagles could learn a tip [from Raven and Red]. Outstanding debut!”  Robbie Klanderman (1/21/18)

Deep Roots Magazine (NYC)

“These young adults either have lived with ferocity in matters of the heart and learned hard lessons or gleaned much from the experiences of those older and more seasoned in such matters. The remarkable aspect of their point of view, though, is the belief they advance of being undaunted in the face of romantic debacles. Give credit for this not only to the writing but to the clear, ringing, expressive tenor voice of Mitchell Lane, who carries the vocal load simply magnificently.

On ‘Living and Loving You,’ and another country-tinged number, ‘Another Empty Bottle,’ Lane sounds like no one so much as Sweetheart of the Rodeo-era Roger McGuinn, and both of those songs sound like outtakes from said long player. But then, on the lovely ballad ‘Wild Roses,’ he sounds more like the late Jim Croce, just as the minuteness of detail in the poignant lyrics mirror the Croce style as well.

But ultimately Mitchell Lane sounds like Mitchell Lane, and enough cannot be said about the power of his performances here. You’ll have to listen long and hard to find a young vocalist delivering more sustained intensity and emotional commitment.

If that [‘Moonshine and Makeup’] isn’t a song for our time, or one of the songs for our time, then there isn’t one. In ‘Today,’ a major hit in 1964— Raven and Red pick up the pace a bit from the original but the aching beauty of the original is intact, and Lane, with a velvety harmony assist from Ms. Jones, who adds another tender fiddle solo to tear you up just a little bit more, brings it all home with abundant beauty infusing his reading. What a moment.

The fact of the matter is We Rise Up is a stunning debut for Raven and Red as a self-contained unit and, at once, reason to keep a close eye on these young artists. They’re going places, and fast.”  David McGee (4/22/18)

Fatea Magazine (U.K.)

“One of the best country debut albums of the year. All bar two of the songs are self-penned and sport the sort of quality and craftsmanship that usually takes years to accomplish. It’s an auspicious calling card full of a promise for an even brighter future.”  —Mike Davies (June ’18)

Real Roots Cafe (Netherlands)

“From the first song I was captivated by the beautiful vocals, the excellent harmony of the trio and the great violin of Brittany. Wonderful folk with country borders and Celtic influences. For fans of super cool singing and wonderful violin playing this becomes a mandatory purchase. I am totally taken by this great music trio. Believe me, this is great music.”  —Fred Schmale (4/10/18)

Parcbench (NYC)

“Talk about making music! The acoustic team of Raven and Red seemingly do it all — and with heart, soul, abandon, and great care. As musicians they impress (especially in the harmony department), but what impresses most is the effortless quality they display. That is the mark of three complete naturals who are clearly headed in the right direction.”  —Greg Victor (2/11/18)

Lonesome Highway (Ireland)

“Excellent musicianship throughout and some superb harmony vocals. Brittany weaves her 5-string violin through the melody lines with great skill and touch while the mandolin playing of Cole and guitar augmentation from Lane lead to a heady mix of Country, Folk and Bluegrass sounds that would lighten up any gathering of musical minds.”  —Paul McGee (8/15/18)

Lust for Life Magazine (Netherlands)

“Stories wrapped in beautiful, acoustic songs with an important role for Brittany’s violin. These three young musicians master their instruments perfectly, but that is not their strength. It is much more in the disarming honesty with which they bring their music. They know exactly how to hit the right chord with the listener. In short, country and folk without frills and straight from the heart.”  —Harry de Jong (2/21/18)

Written In Music (Netherlands)

“Raven and Red do not impose any musical restrictions on themselves. Above all, it is the atmospheric harmony of the young trio who effortlessly endures the comparison with the vocal performances of The Byrds and Eagles and generates very pleasant listening moments with life-long adult listeners.”  —Cis van Looy (2/1/18)

Ctrl. Alt. Country e-zine (Belgium)

“OnWe Rise Up,’ the three performers present themselves first and foremost as highly skilled musicians. Jones and Lane are also excellent songwriters despite their relatively young ages.”  Benny Metten (Feb. ’18)

RnR Magazine (U.K.)

“Raven and Red are a hotly tipped Nashville-based acoustic trio whose attractive blend of folk, Americana, rock, pop and Celtic influences is brought into sharp focus on debut album We Rise Up. Their self-written songs and right vocal harmonies acknowledge their musical heroes, Jim Croce, Robert McGuinn and John Denver.”  —RnR Magazine (September/October ’18)

Fervor Coulee (Canada)

“Without a doubt, Lane (the ‘Red’) can flat out sing. Jones’ powerful, substantial harmonies give Raven and Red’s songs supplementary heft. We Rise Up is a fine debut recording for the trio Raven and Red. There is something here, and I’ll be keeping these gnarled ears open.”  —Donald Teplyske (2/3/18)

Midwest Record (Chicago)

“RAVEN AND RED/We Rise Up: Acoustic music that got it’s start in bluegrass and has moved along the back 40 to other interesting stops along the way, this young crew knows how to hit all the right notes and serve up something special and deluxe. Tasty stuff that’ll easily become a welcome friend in the device of your choice.”  —Chris Spector (2/20/18)

Rootsville (Belgium)

“Their music leans close to that of John Denver. Brittany distinguishes herself as a talented multi-instrumentalist while Mitchell plays the 6 and 12 string guitars. We Rise Up is an album with their own stamp of harmonious vocals, a home to country, folk and a dash of bluegrass. It is a very atmospheric album that does not get boring. We will hear more from Raven and Red, because they are rising up.”  —Freddy Vandervelpen (5/18/18)

Le Cri du Coyote (France)

“The harmony vocals of the three voices are very pleasant and their songs are pretty classic in form and navigate the waters of the folk ballad in line of their claimed influences. The general tone is imbued with great serenity and their success is logical in view of the set up of their songs.”  —Christian Labonne (Sep. ’18)

Alt Country (Netherlands)

“The members of Raven and Red can submit special CVs. Together, they bring positive folk rock and country pop to We Rise UpIt brings a warm, flowing stream full of sunny sixties references. The trio is stubborn enough not to let the music industry prescribe the law in the future. The young trio has musical baggage in abundance and an interesting journey ahead of them.”  —John Gjaltema (2/22/18)

Rootstime.be (Belgium)

With We Rise Up, Raven and Red is taking an important next step in their musical career. The album, with a strong country/folk foundation, will certainly appeal to a broad audience that is also interested in (dixit Brittany) ‘exploring the human condition.’”  Eric Schuurmans (1/1/18)

Folker Magazine (Germany)

“They play almost exclusively their own material on their debut album, located in the field of tension between bluegrass, country and folk. Their specialty seems to be ballads, some would say – Tear Jerkers. Skillful fervor.”  —Volker Dick (May ’18)

No DepressionThe Morton ReportBy Jeff Burger

“Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Brittany Jones and brothers Mitchell Lane (vocals and guitars) and Cole King (vocals and mandolin)—all already have impressive musical resumes and, more importantly, a ton of talent. On their first full-length album of original material, their harmony vocals are gorgeous throughout, and so are their melodies and violin-, banjolin-, and mandolin-spiced instrumentation, which draws on folk, country, pop, and bluegrass. I’m reminded of such late 60s/early 70s groups as Swampwater and Linda Ronstadt’s Stone Poneys.”  —Jeff Burger (12/17/17)

Enigma Online

“Raven and Red is a folk-Americana group that is refreshing in today’s entertainment climate – they have actual talent. With music that borders on traditional folk, country with a tinge of Celtic influences they bring a refreshing approach to their music.”  Dave Weinthal (3/29/18)

Time Machine Music (Belgrade, Serbia)

We Rise Up introduced the trio as a team who knows how to combine different musical genres into a unique style and vision. Their story-telling folk song perspective delivers precise mandolin and violin playing, among emotional vocalization parts. We Rise Up could be a most influential and interesting product in this season.”  —Branimir Lokner (4/28/18)

Best of WNY.com

“The band mixes outstanding musicianship with impeccable vocals and harmonies in true Americana music fashion over twelve tracks.”  —Bob Silvestri (Feb. ’18)


“Raven and Red is comfortable in many Americana sub-genres. Many of the cuts here have philosophical and hopeful lyrics and album closer ‘We Rise Up,’ sung by Lane, is no exception.”  —Kevin Wierzbicki (Feb. ’18)

Zero Magazine (Sweden)

“Skill and perfection to the maximum.”  —Robert Ryttman (8/11/18)

Eddie Owen Presents (Duluth, GA)

“Raven and Red entertains! It’s cool when a band can combine so many influences and genres in their songs and performances—from country to folk to rock to classical to Celtic and back to pop. You won’t be disappointed or left wanting to hear your favorite sound! They’re welcome at the Red Clay Music Foundry anytime they can make it.”  Eddie Owen